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5965 Bano toilet bowl 530mm

Wall-mounted toilet for built-in cistern

The Bano toilet is ergonomically designed to ensure that users sit safely and comfortably. The toilet extends 530mm, and when installed with a Bano cisterns (5970S3-EL or 5970-MA) it can be raised and lowered electrically or manually by a hand crank up to 200mm so that the height ideally suits the individual user.

5965 Bano toilet bowl 530mm
5965 530mm toilet – Kopi.png

Load tested up to 500kg.

Recommended amount of water: 3/6L

Minimum amount of water: 2/4L according to EN 997

CE NO/EN 997


• Glazed porcelain

• Fittings: stainless steel

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