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5402 Bano double wall hooks

Holistic design

Bano products have been manufactured to a holistic design to ensure that all components match in the bathroom.

It is a pleasure to use a bathroom where all the components fit together. In a Bano bathroom this also includes the little, but important, details like our double hooks for washcloths and towels.

Hangs properly

The hooks are designed to ensure that towels hang securely and properly. Bano double hook is a perfect solution when is necessary to have towels hanging within easy reach in several places in the bathroom.

Bano double wall hook has a solid cover which helps reduce buildup of dust and dirt. It is therefore easier to clean and more hygienic.

The double hook can also be mounted with a 5440, 5460, 5480 and 54100 Bano wall grab bar and 5591 Bano wall grab bar L shape.

5402-G Bano double wall hooks, grey
5402-B Bano double wall hooks, black
5402 Bano double wall hooks, white
Double hook white.png


• Hook: cast in solid nylon

Technical information