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Bano flexible outflow pipe

Exploit every opportunity

If you want to exploit all the opportunities offered by the Bano Washbasin in everyday use, make sure to install the flexible outflow pipe and water trap.

Excellent access to the washbasin

Wheelchair users can be sure of excellent access to the washbasin because the flexible outflow pipe can be pushed all the way into the wall, thus freeing up space below the washbasin. Adapted for use with all Bano washbasins.

52094 Bano flexible outflow pipe Ø40
5209 a.jpg
52093 Bano flexible outflow pipe Ø32
5209 a.jpg


• Water trap and outflow pipe: polypropene plastic

• Seal: TPE plastic

• Sheet metal parts: stainless steel 18/8

• Chromed parts: ABS plastic

Technical information