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One of the main reasons elderly people and people in need of care have to move into an assisted living facility or an institution rather than continue living at home is difficulties relating to assistance with their personal hygiene. Small and poorly adapted bathrooms in private homes create insurmountable obstacles in situations where the user has to be moved.

The WeC (Water Evolution Closet) is an innovation that removes these obstacles and sets a new standard for bathroom accessibility. Instead of the user having to adapt to the bathroom, the bathroom will adapt to the user, resulting in an increased sense of security, greater independence and greater dignity.

WeC is a swivel toilet with electric height adjustment. The seat can easily be rotated 290 degrees, which simplifies access to the toilet.

Swivel toilet

The toilet seat can easily be rotated using a trigger mechanism integrated in the grab bars. The bars can be lowered and raised. The back rest and toilet seat can easily be removed for cleaning.

The WeC can be lowered and raised by 200 mm, and has a lifting capacity of 300 kg. The electrical height adjustment function is easily operated from an integrated panel in both grab bars.